Flood Risk Assessment

SEP specialise in Flood Risk Assessments which are carried out by MICE and MCIWEM qualified experts.  We are able to cover a whole host of eventualities with regard to flood protection systems and could save you money as well, both by competitive fees and our advice on how to avoid possible losses on planning fees.

Our services are:

  • Drainage assessments.
  • Assessments of future flood risks based on the Environmental Agency and global projections.  This is, of course, under continual review.
  • The establishment of models to provide exact knowledge of anticipated flood levels.
  • Design of flood alleviation schemes.
  • Consultancy on how to approach a single or multi unit development to win the support of the Environment Agency prior to the submission of a planning application.

Having a good comprehensive knowledge of your site is vital. With news headlines and front pages filed with pictures of devastation caused by flooding in recent years, and according to many its only likely to get worse. Information on flooding on your site is not something to overlook. SEP can provide up-to-date information on recent flood events and the likely hood of floods in the future. SEP are able to Pinpoint your site, and relate this to surrounding flood risks, we can then relate this information onto a drawing. This information can then be used to identify areas which have a risk of flooding.

As part of the report we provide we can confirm which EA zone your site falls in, provide flood risk assessments, provide information from insurance companies on the flood risk as they perceive it. The report also provides risk assessments for the flooding, this is all provided in a professional report. SEP are also able to tie all this information together with our Topographical survey service. When both of these services work hand in hand, we can provide indication on what effects flooding will have on your site.