Volumetric Surveys

With the muck shift markets becoming increasingly competitive, comprehensive accurate volume information is vital from Pricing to Invoicing. At SEP we can provide accurate volume reports using design plans and our topographical survey services, we are able to provide information and aid in the production of bills-of-quantities.

SEP can provide quantities on any scale, from salt and grit stockpiles, to large scale earthworks needing a breakdown of different materials. SEP can work alongside contractor, muck shifter or act as an independent company.

SEP can also provide design levels so as to balance the volumes, which in turn will minimise the cost for the client.

A comprehensive report can be provided, containing a full breakdown of quantities, cross sections showing surveys, Original Ground levels, intermediate survey levels and proposed levels this can also include material depths. Isopachyte heights can be included showing the amount of material needed moving in each area and at what depth, to help the people onsite get an understanding of what is required.