Aerial Mapping

Large scale, current mapping is the crucial basis for any infrastructure project. It is vital that the mapping being the base point for planning is both current, accurate and holds the most relevant data. Many of us are familiar with Google Earth, Bing maps and other similar web based mapping programs. At SEP we can build on this mapping, by supplying current data, at a level of detail to suite your needs.

Our Aerial mapping equipment is capable of producing mapping images down to a resolution of 3cm, and the ability to derive digital elevation models (DEM) from the data collected. All this can be carried out very quickly; we can cover around 10km2 per day, and have usable data ready for delivery the following day!

Whether you are looking for a full 3D model of a larger area, or a more intricate detailed photographic record of current site conditions taken from the sky’s, rest assured our aerial mapping and photography solution can be tailored to your needs.