Dilapidation Surveys

A dilapidation survey is an important part of any site works. The purpose of SEP’s dilapidation survey is to provide an in-depth record of any damage to the site prior to works commencing. The condition of street furniture, kerb and channel, roadways, pavements, and utilities are usually included in the survey record.

Unfortunately in an ever increasing claim for blame society, contractors are often blamed for damage to third party properties, which may well have been caused years before the contractors even got to site. With SEP’s dilapidation survey report on file these claims can easily be rebuffed with a minimal amount of stress. An in-depth dilapidation survey is vital to protect a contractor’s reputation, financial position and insurance claims history, and could even be dovetailed in to an insurance policy.

SEP can deliver a snapshot of time with a photographic record, full colour 3D laser scan, a videoed site walkover and drawings showing photograph positions along with any damage the information can be referred back to at the end of the project should there be any dispute about the nature of any damage cause in the process of the works. Whether the site is a private single dwelling project or a large multi-million pound infrastructure project, can you afford to be without it?