Environmental Surveys

Planning applications often run into difficulties if there are potential environmental problems, especially with the introduction of PPS9 and PAS2010:2006. When protected species are involved it is even more important for all partners involved in the scheme to show not only that they are willing to mitigate and compensate for any loss of biodiversity, but they are in a position to actually improve the ecology of the area to the satisfaction of Natural England and Local Authorities.

SEP are here to help developers, surveyors and architects who may find themselves in such difficult positions. We achieve this by firstly assessing the current situation by means of on-site ecological surveys and desktop studies, and then by working with clients and the appropriate local authorities to agree positive initiatives to enhance the ecology and biodiversity of the developed areas.

SEP have continued to be involved in a number of large developments across the U.K. as we increase our client port-folio. Many of these projects had been put on hold due to delays in the planning procedures caused by ecological concerns. SEP have been able to successfully guide our clients through these potentially project stopping situations by working closely with Local Authorities and Natural England to ascertain planning permission to the satisfaction of all parties.

Tree Surveys

SEP also have the ability to produce tree survey reports to BS5837, working alongside our topographical survey teams and CAD department we can produce plans depicting, root protection areas, protected tree species, and well as tree tagging.