Hydrographic Surveys

With SEP’s MD having a background in Bathymetry surveying all over the world, we understand what is required in this field of surveying. Using the latest technologies, techniques along with our vast experience SEP are more than capable of fulfilling any hydrographical survey needs.

At SEP we have recently carried out a wide range of hydrographical surveys, ranging from reservoir surveys as part of an ongoing framework, huge coastal surveys where time was limited because of the tidal conditions and quick sand. We have also been heavily involved with carrying out flood defence surveys and river cross sections. Using our static GPS equipment we can accurately position the surveys to ensure that all the work is carried out in such a way it can be used in conjunction with the Environment Agencies flood plans.

As well as hydrographical surveying for flooding, it is also very important that hydrographical surveys can be carried out for the purpose of construction. Without the topography being mapped out, it is impossible to plan for any future construction.

SEP can provide a complete surveying package whether the work is to be carried out offshore, inshore, coastal or on rivers. Using field data collected we are able to produce a wide range of outputs, from topography drawings and cross sections in ISIS format, to flood plain analysis.

An Intregrated Survey Solution

From offshore through the inter-tidal zone and onto land SEP is able to respond quickly with rapid mobilisation and industry leading reports tailored to your particular project. We can also provide consultancy and third party data interpretation services.

In the marine environment SEP has extensive expertise in seabed and sub-surface mapping projects together with oceanographic surveys in shallow nearshore waters, inter-tidal/estuarine areas and inland waterways. Our wide ranging survey experience encompasses port and harbour developments, windfarms, long sea outfall schemes, cooling water intakes, pipeline and cable route surveys, pre and post dredge surveys and coastal protection works.

To complete the survey package, we offer full topographic survey services to provide detailed site surveys, structure elevations and site investigation locations.