Utility Surveys

At SEP we understand the importance of having accurate information when planning any works on or near underground services, which is why we have invested heavily not only in the latest technology but also in our operatives.

With the latest electromagnetic and ground penetrating radar technology at hand plus experienced surveyors, SEP feels it can be at the forefront of utility surveying.

As we know it is the contractors responsibility to avoid damage to underground services and this is made more difficult due to the inaccuracy of existing statutory records, which can not be relied upon other than as a tool to indicate the presence or absence of a service.

SEP can make this procedure much simpler and more accurate by using a combination of electromagnetic detectors and ground penetrating radar our surveyor’s will locate all known services. These services can then be accurately positioned with our advanced survey instruments and the results presented on a detailed topographical survey showing all the utilities / services in relation to the surrounding environment and to a specified scale, giving the contractor confidence in the data and therefore speeding up site operations.

SEP feels it can play a major part in any underground Utility surveying, whether it’s a carriageway or a footpath, a single cable or a magnitude of cables, we provide all spectrums of underground surveys, from a Simple Mark Out to a full Mapping and Drainage survey, SEP will tailor its services to suit your needs.

We specialize in the following practices:

  • Underground Utility Detection and Mapping Surveys.
  • Ground Investigation.
  • Electronic Trial Holes Surveys.
  • Borehole Clearance Surveys.
  • Drainage Connectivity Surveys.
  • CCTV Drainage Condition Surveys.
  • Reinforcing Bar Location Surveys.